February 23, 2018

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Archives for April 2008

Auto Finance For The Self-Employed

Self-employed? Need to arrange financing for your next car? If you’ve got sterling credit, no problem.

What if you have “less” than a sterling credit rating? You can still get financing. But you can expect to jump through some hoops to get anything approaching decent terms. [Read more…]

Auto Finance After Repossession

Can you really finance a car after a repossession? Yes, of course you can. It’s important that you fully understand the process going into it.

First of all, there are countless sources that will finance a car loan for you. In general, they are not unsympathetic to your situation. They will generally evaluate each situation individually. [Read more…]

Auto Finance After Foreclosure

What happens to your ability to finance a car after you’ve had a foreclosure?

Chances are, if you’ve talked to a bank or your local car dealer, you may have gotten some bad news. They’re more than a little reluctant to finance a vehicle when you’ve had a foreclosure. After all, they say, you can’t pay for your house so we sure don’t think you’ll pay for your car.

In the difficult arena known as the mortgage mess we have today, there is one area that we have some good news for you. We have access to lenders that will approve your car loan. [Read more…]

Auto Finance After Bankruptcy

All too often, we encounter situations where customers have not surrendered vehicles during their bankruptcy. Not realizing that they could arrange financing for a replacement vehicle before their discharge, they are now faced with the task of locating a source of financing after the discharge.

Although each individual circumstance will differ, you need to know that it is not only possible but fairly easy to get approved for auto financing after a bankruptcy. [Read more…]

Auto Finance During Bankruptcy

There is a myth that you can’t get a car loan until your bankruptcy is discharged. And that’s just what it is — a myth. We arrange these loans for our customers every day. It’s our specialty.

[Read more…]

Welcome To Your Fresh Start

FreshStartIndy has become a firm favorite with consumers for straight talk, an honest and upfront approach and by revealing the good, the bad and the ugly of auto finance.

As you have probably already experienced, much of the auto finance industry is frequently highly secretive and filled with deception.

While just barely avoiding crossing the legal line, this part of the industry often exists upon those who will promise you the moon and then fail to deliver.

Since its  launch, FreshStartIndy has been making waves in auto finance circles with its no-nonsense approach to what really goes on behind the scenes in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Our mission is to provide you — the consumer — with hard facts, expert help and advice so you can make the best decision about which auto finance solutions are suited to your particular situation.

Out of frustration over the lack of reliable information available directly to the consumer, we launched this site to provide up-to-date information and assistance for all who have a need for auto financing.

As we all know, the marketplace has undergone some recent and unprecedented changes. While there are countless reputable dealerships and financial sources available today, finding this information in a quick and reasonable fashion can be a tedious and tiresome process.

Our intent is to provide you with this information and to feature solutions that are reliable and trustworthy.

FreshStartIndy is a consumer favorite for straight talk and an unbiased approach to this frequently misunderstood field.

The good news is that in spite of today’s troubled economy, we can still offer you excellent financial solutions for virtually every situation.