February 23, 2018

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Archives for August 2011

Auto Finance Can Be Bad For Your Health

It’s a fact we’ve all encountered at some point. Just trying to arrange that car loan can be bad for your health.

Stressful. Uncomfortable. With a little dose of anxiety thrown in for good measure.

Sound familiar?

That’s how the majority of customers tell us they feel when they get to the point of arranging their auto financing.

Add to this the fact that more than 1 out of 2 people don’t qualify for conventional financing and you have a sure-fire recipe for a really bad day.

Our goal at Fresh Start Indy is to take away that bad experience. No pressure. No hype. Just an honest and straight-forward approach to solving your auto finance needs.

We have resources available that no one else has. And we have a solution for you, whatever your situation.

We invite you to feel free to explore our site — we’ve tried to address most of the questions people ask.