February 23, 2018

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Auto Finance After Foreclosure

What happens to your ability to finance a car after you’ve had a foreclosure?

Chances are, if you’ve talked to a bank or your local car dealer, you may have gotten some bad news. They’re more than a little reluctant to finance a vehicle when you’ve had a foreclosure. After all, they say, you can’t pay for your house so we sure don’t think you’ll pay for your car.

In the difficult arena known as the mortgage mess we have today, there is one area that we have some good news for you. We have access to lenders that will approve your car loan.

There are a number of these sources that really don’t care about your foreclosure. They only care about how you’re going to pay your car loan.

And the news doesn’t end there – it gets a little better. There are some sources that won’t charge you an interest rate that makes you sick.

So if you’re in the unfortunate situation of having had a foreclosure, we want you to know that yes, we can help.