February 23, 2018

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Credit Issues

Today's troubled economy has had an impact on just about everyone. Downsizing, layoffs and job loss have been devastating. As a result, foreclosures, repossessions and bankruptcy are at an all-time high. You need some real inside information to overcome these and any other credit issues that have reared their ugly head. It's time to get your life back.

Cleaning Up Your Credit After Bankruptcy

There’s a widespread belief that bankruptcy automatically will give you a “clean” credit file. The bad news is that just isn’t the way it works. Cleaning up that ugly credit file is your responsibility.

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Auto Finance After Repossession

Can you really finance a car after a repossession? Yes, of course you can. It’s important that you fully understand the process going into it.

First of all, there are countless sources that will finance a car loan for you. In general, they are not unsympathetic to your situation. They will generally evaluate each situation individually. [Read more…]

Auto Finance After Foreclosure

What happens to your ability to finance a car after you’ve had a foreclosure?

Chances are, if you’ve talked to a bank or your local car dealer, you may have gotten some bad news. They’re more than a little reluctant to finance a vehicle when you’ve had a foreclosure. After all, they say, you can’t pay for your house so we sure don’t think you’ll pay for your car.

In the difficult arena known as the mortgage mess we have today, there is one area that we have some good news for you. We have access to lenders that will approve your car loan. [Read more…]