February 23, 2018

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Feedback From Our Customers

What better recommendation than to hear what real customers have to say? Our previous customers can tell you better than anyone just how effective our program has been for them.

So here they are — real customers with real stories. Just like you, these are real people who came to us with real problems. Perhaps it’s time we work together on a solution for you.

Victoria writes:

Hi, my name is Victoria. I wanted to share my experience here and maybe help alleviate any apprehension others may have.

I found this website while searching for a way to finance a car before my bankruptcy was discharged.

I had heard horror stories about finance opportunities after bankruptcy and buy-here pay-here from lots of friends, and wanted to have everything in order when I went to purchase another vehicle.

During my search, most of the websites I visited sounded shady and I didn’t even bother with contacting any of them.

When I came across this site, I was impressed with the detailed and honest explanations about car financing in difficult situations.

I entered the contact information and a little of what I was looking for, and was contacted very quickly by a precious woman who listened to my situation and was able to get me in touch with a dealership near Atlanta who could work with me in my special circumstances.

In the past, I have walked into dealerships with a 740 credit score, and still had awful experiences with salesmen and finance managers.

This had to be, quite honestly, the most pleasant and easy car buying experience I have ever had — and here I was not even discharged from bankruptcy!

Everyone involved in this process was a blessing to my children and myself. I truly thank God for bringing me to FreshStartIndy.

Tammy writes:

I want to thank Dora Lee for everything she did to get me approved for my Nissan Altima. She made it so seamless and always kept in contact with me vs me always contacting her.

She was wonderful to work with — especially since I was in the middle of a bankruptcy.

Not only did she get me financed into a BEAUTIFUL NISSAN ALTIMA she got my payments lowered from where we began and she got my insurance lowered as well.

She worked hard and got me out of my old vehicle and got my trade to work to my benefit and she made the whole deal work out to my benefit and not to what she wanted but to where I was happy and comfortable.

She did not push a vehicle on me either — she let me pick the vehicle I really loved and I got to drive away in it after coming all the way from Mishawaka, IN. That was the best part!!!!!!

Dora Lee, thank you for everything — you were heaven-sent to me and I truly thank you for all your hard work and your amazing ability to make me feel at ease and making me happy with my purchase.

I can not say enough about Dora Lee and Chris Meeks; they were both amazing and I would recommend anyone and EVERYONE to go to them to purchase a vehicle if you are or were in the situation of a bankruptcy.

Thanks again Dora Lee and Chris!!

Chad writes:

After just filing bankruptcy, I found myself in desperate need for a vehicle and thought my recent bankruptcy filing would make any chance of securing a loan hopeless.

I was fortunate to find Dora Lee. After carefully reviewing my situation, she worked the phones and used her well-established contacts with specialty finance lenders to find a company who was willing to give me a loan.

I was surprised that I would qualify for any loan, but Dora Lee reassured me that there was hope for everyone.

Not only did she find a great lender that was willing to work with my particular situation, she went above and beyond her duty to find a car that was affordable and dependable, and one that would serve me well in my road to re-establishing good credit history.

After signing the loan documents it was now my turn to prove myself by rebuilding my credit. Dora Lee gave priceless advice on how best to manage my loan payments and re-establish myself as a creditworthy person.

Her advice to pay a little extra with each loan payment proved the most helpful, as I was able to pay down the principal amount of my vehicle, so that now, just *two years* after bankruptcy, I’ve been able to refinance my vehicle at a 6.5% interest rate – without even needing a co-signer!

I never expected anyone working in auto finance to demonstrate as much commitment in finding the right loan and vehicle that fit me and my personal situation.

Now, I have a dependable car, a competitive and affordable interest rate, and a credit score that I’m not embarrassed to share with my fiancee.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is seriously committed about making a “fresh start” to talk to Dora Lee first.

A local attorney writes:

As an attorney specializing in bankruptcy filings, it is important that my clients be treated with respect and kindness — characteristics that are, unfortunately, not often seen in the auto business.

Dora Lee not only excels in these areas, she is also the most effective and competent professional we’ve seen in the auto business. My clients have nothing but praise — both for her and for her program.

We refer all our clients in need of auto finance to Dora Lee and FreshStartIndy.

C.A. writes:

I really don’t think I could have survived my bankruptcy without your help…

M.P. writes:

As a financial professional, I just want to say this site offers consumers something that is rare — a real inside look into the ‘behind the scenes’ actions and attitudes of lenders.

It gives people the means to really do something about their credit… well done!